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The Electoral Register (also called the electoral roll or voters roll) is a Government database of all UK persons names and addresses. The edited version of the electoral  register can be searched by anybody to find a persons address or to access further personal information.

The electoral register is compiled for each electoral polling district and has two formats. The full version of the electoral register is made available for supervised inspection by anybody, by legal right for free. It does however mean you will have to make an appointment and visit the local authority offices in person, which can be time consuming and inconvenient.

The full unedited electoral register version is used for voting and its supply and use is limited by the law. Copies of the full electoral register are available to certain groups and individuals, such as credit reference agencies.

An edited version of the electoral register, also known as the open register, can be accessed and searched by anyone for any purpose. This version of the register is easily searchable using online providers such as 192. A mix of free and premium electoral register search results are available, with paid for searches costing a few pence depending on the number of credits you have purchased. See the screen shot below, free electoral register search results are found at the top, any premuim results are found at the bottom.

free electoral register searches

Search the Electoral Register instantly for free.

In order to search the electoral register you just need the persons first name and surname, if you know the middle name / initial or have an idea where their address is likely to be maybe a radius of 23 miles from London, Glasgow, Birmingham, leeds this will help to focus the number of search  results and let you find the person you are looking for faster. A wealth of additional electoral information is available such as occupations, other residents living at the same address, house prices and company directorships held.